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5/6/08 Parents that I can't stand. The series

Now, I'm no perfect parent by any means, but I have a couple of gripes with other parents. This is my list of people/parents that really piss me off.

1. I can't stand the parents that leave boogers / snots all over a kids face. You can have the cutest kid in the world, but with snots as an accessory, now you have the nastiest kid in the world..PEOPLE WASH YOUR KIDS SNOTS..

2. People that are SOOOOO into their kids. "Oh, I can't do that, my baby will be mad". " I can't leave the house, the baby doesn't like that place". "Oh, my baby hates that kind of juice".

Conversations that ONLY revolve around "the baby". Pictures of just "the baby". The baby sitting, the baby puking, the baby taking a dump, the baby blinking , etc.

OK, first of all your baby doesn't f-cking talk. Second of all, your "baby" is only 4 months old, how does it really know what it likes? Last, I really don't care to talk "baby", AT ALL, mind you see a million pictures of this wet rat.

3. Parents that DON'T CARE about their kids. I.E. terrorist kids, kids that threaten you and their parents. Kids that look like that haven't bathed or changed their clothes in a month. Kids that resemble walking garbage dumps. Kids with black teeth and boogers. Kids that swear and scream all of the effing time. Kids that have NO control and you damn well know that they're able to have some. Kids that can do whatever they want when they want.

People, YOU had these kids, WATCH THEM, and while your at it, give them a damned bath and put some soap in their mouths too.

I'm sure I have more "gripes" but these are my primary ones that really make me mad.


Jenny Georgio-who said...

I can't believe no one commented on this! You touched on oh so much!

I used to work in a daycare and I had to deal with all of these types of parents.

1. Boogers/Snot babies. Do you know how disgusted I was to touch these kids in the daycare? It's digusting and usually when kids have that much snot they are sick and should be left at home. Why bring your kid and their cooties to the daycare so we can all get sick?

2. Soooo into the kids. I hope this is just a newborn phase and passes after a few months. Does the baby age in months bother you too? How old is your son? 24 months, oh you mean 2 years?

3. Not caring parents. Ever met a 3 year old with 22 cavities? I have. This chinese mom used to put Coke in her kids bottle to get her to go to bed. Yeah really smart there lady.

Wow. I leave long comments! Sorry, but I enjoy your bloggy!

Ane Fallarme said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog through Adgitize and I must say, you are one freakin funny lady! :) I think you've earned yourself another stalker! lol! :D

Okay, now about your post...

1. You couldn't have said it better! I hate it when people don't clean up their kids.

2. Obsessed parents need a life! Seriously!

3. I have a cousin who is like Damien, the kid in the omen... He is soo evil!

4. Oh, right, you only had 3, lemme know if you've added something to your list!

Am following you now coz you rock! :) :D

Curvaliscious said...

I love your blog and seriously, the moms I hate series RAWKS. Mind if I start my own? You are an inspiration to be sure *smile*

Janna said...

My pet peeve is kids who get NO discipline, and the moms don't care.
The kid will be running around screeching and knocking things over and irritating people and getting into everything, and the mom seems to be blind to it all.
If someone tries to bring the kid's behavior to her attention, she just sort of shrugs and says "Eh. He's not hurtin' anything."
Excuse me?
Since when is "hurtin' something" the only time a kid needs to be disciplined?
You're right; some moms (and dads) just need to be smacked.

Thanks for letting me rant.
I just read your whole "series".
Nice. :)

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