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My Rock Star Diary part 2

Part 2

No answers, no freebies, no guidance, minor fame and very little recognition.
 Just thoughts, emotions, a pen and a very mangled notebook that traveled various of places.

Stuck in my brain.
Stuck in his.

The plane lands at a very well known airport, and I'm picked up by a driver. He can't meet me there for there's way too many people with cameras and way too many people that know who he is. He prefers the privacy and I the anonymity. A secret known to very few.
You see, he always took care of me. A big brother of sorts and I a little sister seeking refuge. The refuge just so happened to be a person that achieved great fame.
I had a very hard, troubled life. None of it really brought upon me. Just a victim of a shitty circumstance and it is this very same circumstance that brought the two of us together.

I used to curse at the world.. Why me? Why was I the one that had to be born to a drug addict? A women that had no care in the world except for her self and her drugs? Why couldn't I have been lucky enough to have a family? To have siblings? To have someone that cared for me? If you had asked me my thoughts on God at that time, I would have laughed at you....
 I was raised by multiple families and in multiple foster homes and orphanages until I decided that I had had enough. 
I was a border kid and despised it.
 Enough of other people telling me what to do. Enough of everything......
I was 15 at the time and went from border kid to run away....

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