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Rock Star Diary part 9

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Part 9

I needed coffee and I needed one bad. Thank you New England for turning me into a bona fied coffee addict! There’s nothing worse than being stuck in your brain and not being able to decompress… My decompression? A big ass cup of dark roasted coffee…
In my moment of desperation, I insisted that we grab a cup of coffee. He likes coffee too, so I didn’t think the request was too far fetched….
He agreed, and we both threw some chill clothes on…and jump in his electric car…
We get out of his car some time later, parked in the coffee shop’s parking lot, to the left. We are soon greeted by a plethora of people. Fans with camera’s, fans with questions…fans, fans and more fans………
Suddenly, I’m nauseas and anxious..
I fucking forgot who I was with.
How can I forget?
How can I possibly forget?
“God, I fucking hate this”, I whispered to him.
“ Get me out of this….get me out of this mess….” I insisted.
Suddenly I feel the tears welling in my eyes.
“ What it is Dani?” he quietly asks…
“ I feel so fucking bad for you” I sobbed
“ I’m so stupid to think that things would be normal being around you, I’m so stupid to think that our precious time together is really precious time fighting off cameras and fans…I’m so stupid to think, that …..welll……that they won't figure me out, that I’ll always be anonymous…that stories will come out….that…………………….” I couldn’t stop sobbing and spilling my heart.
“ Dani, you are you and will always be you..You will do things and handle them the same way that you always have…..YOUR way… I trust you, I always have” as he vaguely smiled.
ahhhh that fucking word: "TRUST" I thought.
What seemed like a 10 hour conversation, was in reality a 30 second conversation…
With his confidence and my sympathy, we both got out of the car together. The entire time in my brain all I kept thinking was “ I can see the headlines now, “_ _ makes girl cry in his car.”
Under normal circumstances, I would have played the nanny. The back up plan! The problem: is that we didn’t have the baby with us. His hat and very dark “Blues Brothers “style sun glasses on, he proceeded to walk with confidence into the coffee shop. My sorry ass self in his tow..

My thoughts:
Aren’t these people used to him by now? How does one ever get used to this? This isn’t a life…This is crazy. Can’t people see that he’s just like you and me? Can’t they see that he too needs privacy and time off. It occurred to me that his life, his existence, is a full time job. It will never end, never stop. He will forever be mystical, famous and even loved for things that he hasn’t done or did badly. A constant eye on everything that you do, you say.......you sing? 
It is because of these very same reasons, I feared for my name…

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LL said...

*smooch* We've talked about this before, haven't we Danigirl. Doesn't make it any easier though... does it.

The Constant Complainer said...

Dani, I've been really enjoying this series. And every segment keeps me going and waiting for the next one.

What happened had to be eye-opening. I couldn't imagine being a celebrity, living in Hollywood and being hounded by photographers and fans. That's the price you pay for the $$$ I guess.

Chudexs said...

Nice read,thanks for shared.

The Constant Complainer said...

Just stopping by. Hope all is well. Happy belated Valentine's Day too!!!

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