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Dear Ann Romney: a working Mom's point of view, bitch please!

Now, as most of you know...I don't like getting into politics at all.
As a matter of fact, I find most politicians to be a bunch of ignorant ass bastards. Ann Romney included.
What pissed me off you ask?
The fact that this stay at home rich snobby bitch, decided that she was going to speak on behalf of her husband (Mitt) and make snobby ass comments regarding working mom's and welfare mom's.
She stated that "welfare Mom's need to get off of welfare and get real paying jobs" and that "stay at home mom's are working mom's"...... that she "raised 5 sons and that was a full time job" and then proceeded to give a shout out to actual working mother's..
All I have to say is BITCH PLEASE!!
Dear Ann:
I by no means put myself into the same category as you. No, I am a working mom. I work 2 jobs providing for my 5 KIDS! I do not have the luxury of staying at home to raise my children and to claim that as a full time job! Most working Mom's would beg to differ with you on this. Ann, you have no idea what it's like to provide for a family, to pay their bills, to buy food with hard earned money that you sweat for. No..... Ann, my body hurts from the physical stress my job's bring on a daily basis. The amount of ibuprofen consumption from the migraines that I get, thanks to the lack of sleep, working a night job. The stress of not knowing when you're actually going to sleep in a bed this week, mind you to get up at any given luxurious time. No Ann, I am a working mother. A mother that is employed by two jobs. A mother that misses her kids on a daily basis. A mother that no way shape or form puts her self in your snotty ass upper class lifestyle. I do not have that luxury. But Ann, I do have kids that will see how much their Mom busted her ass to raise them and to give them everything they need and want.
Oh ...and P.S. 
Ann, you ignorant ass fuck.....Most welfare Mom's do not in fact want to be on welfare. They don't have a choice! I know it's hard for your rich petty ass to see that the economy blows and this does include the LACK of jobs available to the working class. You're so called "welfare" Mom's don't have much of a choice. 
And please...no more "shout outs" to "us" Mom's....you're nothing but a fucking disgrace to us working women...
Thank you
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Antidaeophobia said...

Totally agree. My Mother worked 2 jobs and had to use welfare too care for me and things were extremely difficult. People like Ann have no idea and she seems to think working or not working is a choice everyone can make. No sane person would chose to be on welfare. The amount of humiliation you have to go through to get housing, food stamps and other assistance is something no person would want to chose. The Romney's can't relate.

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