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Why I will only buy cashmere pashmina from www.yourselegantly.com

So, I fell in love with pashminas many years ago. I had met this beautiful Indian woman wearing one. I instantly admired the beauty and intricacies of the hand made details of this gorgeous scarf. I asked her what it was, for it wasn't the traditional average looking scarves that I wear and have worn in the past. From that day on, I was hooked. Constantly looking at local shops and when I went on vacation, that seemed to always have been on my list of things to find. It became a hunting game, which in turn, evolved into a learning game. Most pashmina sellers have disappointed me, almost tricking me into thinking that what I bought or what they were selling was the real deal. I quickly learned.
 Don't know what a pashmina is? Here, let me tell you a bit about them.
Pashmina is actually a term, referring to the type of fine cashmere wool from the Pashmina sheep aka ( changthangi) Pashmina sheep are actually quite rare and only found in super high altitudes in Nepal, Pakistan, the Himalayas and Northern India. The cashmere wool was first discovered in India and was hand spun into these beautiful scarfs/scarves. 
The words Cashmere and Pashmina are used interchangeably, however there is a difference. Cashmere has a thicker diameter and pashmina is thinner and finer.
The word "Pashmina" has been and still is currently used as a term for a "stylish scarf or shawl". The problem is that most sellers claim their pashmina's are actually pashmina, when a good portion are not!
Now, I'm sorry but, when I search for something individualistic, unique, and most often "one of a kind"...I want the real deal!
Now, I've bought from internet sites searching for that new "unique, pashmina"..I have only come up disappointed in most. For I know the actual difference. 
They claim 100% cashmere or 100% pashmina, but the truth is: Most quality pashmina's are blended with silk...70/30 or 50/50. Pure cashmere is quite bulky and can be a bit rough on the skin, hence the combination with silk. It makes the scarf more durable and gives it a lovely sheen. 
A pashmina DOES NOT contain "wool" and "viscose". These are two labels that I have seen great a many of times in brand name stores and from "Pashmina" sellers.
Most authentic pashminas are not cheap. Price is usually a good indicator of real versus man made.
So, in the interim...I fell in love again..but this time it's with a CT based business. www.yourselegantly.com 
This company not only provides a huge array of beauty and quality but they're 100% authentic and very, very personable. I had no problems finding what I was looking for and I'm sure you won't either!
I'll be posting some of my super awesome finds from them soon!

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LL said...

Oooo... you've got me sold! Erm... if only I wore women's scarves...

Do they come in say... a one yard square?

BTw... changed my email addy... check yours!

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