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Divorce or something like it..

So back to writing I go to. My fail safe. Expressionism when you're lonely. I have no idea who reads this anymore, if anyone does at all? Fuck it! It's for me anyways. 

What you may have known as my being the funny, sarcastic "mom of many kids" is now a lost soul in the midst of emptiness.
I used to write a lot when my husband was working his ass off, and I working nights, being home during the days taking care of a bunch of kids. I guess blogging to me was a form of socialism when I couldn't socialize with adults.
Now, it remains to be the same.
I don't know what happened?
How did it get this far?
We were once happy. A big happy family.
A big happy family now turned into hell on earth. People change, things change, times change. 


The Queen said...

I still love and read ya.. and here for you.. I still blog now and then also.. as therapy..


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